A Call to Adventure!
The dark necromancer has risen from the grave and has plans on taking over the land of Nangarth! The King of Nangarth has gone missing so it is up to you to find him and defeat the dark necromancer once and for all!

Necrolance is a single player, 2D platformer based off the style of a Gameboy Color game. In the game you play as both the protagonist and as the necromancer's knight, Thorg. The protagonist's campaign is more action based whereas Thorg's campaign is slightly more puzzle based (only slightly). In the protagonist's campaign, you are given a lance as your main weapon and can carry a secondary weapon. Secondary weapons are typically dropped by weapon wielding enemies that you defeat (either from mini-bosses or normal enemies). In addition to wielding different weapons, you can also buy upgrades throughout the game with currency that you collect through the levels.


Move Left/right - hit the 'left' or 'right' key (set to 'A' and 'D' by default on the keyboard).
Jump - press the 'a button' (set to space by default on the keyboard).
Attack - press the 'b button' (set to 'J' by default on the keyboard).
Change - Weapon - press the 'select button' (set to 'L' by default on the keyboard).
Pause - press the 'enter button' (set to 'enter' by default on the keyboard).
Climb - press 'up' or 'down' (set to 'w' and 's' by default on the keyboard) on a climbable object to start climbing it. To stop climbing, jump off.
Crouch - press the 'down' key.
Crawl - press the 'down' key and press either 'left' or 'right'.
Roll - press and hold the 'down' key, then press the 'a button' to perform a roll.

Additional Facts
Developer: Monsoon Studios
Release Date: 5/15/19 (Windows)
Format: Steam Ditigal Download
Language: English