Copper Jacket

Your former boss -- Commander Zaslavsky -- has kidnapped your wife-to-be in an attempt to make you do his dirty work. Your mission is to defeat this sinister commander and rescue the love of your life. Your best mate, Anatoly, has agreed to help you on your mission. You may really need his help as the journey will be rife with many challenges and obstacles to overcome.

Zaslavsky has many men under his command as well as many war machines at his disposal. You must navigate through his defenses to reach his command center that rests atop a snowy mountain -- it is here in which your beloved one is being held hostage. In addition to overseeing a powerful army, Zaslavsky is rather manipulative so you should be cautious if he tries to communicate to you on your radio.

In any case, Godspeed soldier -- may success be on your side!

*1 to 2 players
*4 worlds + 1 bonus area
*5 bosses
*Unique enemies to each world
*Weapons upgrade
*Cutscenes between worlds


Game Control
Select: Select 1 or 2 player mode
Start: Start the game and/or pause the game

Game Control
A: Place bomb/ detonate bomb
B: Fire main weapon

Game Control
Directional Pad Up: Move upwards / Aim upwards
Directional Pad Down: Move downwards / Aim downwards
Directional Pad Right: Move to the right / Aim right
Directional Pad Left: Move to the left / Aim left

Game Control
Directional Pad Up + Right: Move diagonally up-right direction / Aim up-right
Directional Pad Down + Right: Move diagonally down-right direction / Aim down-right
Directional Pad Up + Left: Move diagonally up-left direction / Aim up-left
Directional Pad Down + Left: Move diagonally down-left direction / Aim down-left

Additional Facts
Developer: Monsoon Studios
Release Date: TBA
Format: ROM, Cartridge or PC prototype EXE
Language: English